Help and Support

We offer an excellent level of customer support to all our clients, and we want to make your living experience as enjoyable as possible. Below is a good example of what to do if you have any problems with your property.

Problems with your Property

If you believe that your property has a problem, for example, the shower is not working, the door is broken etc, then what you need to do is let us know as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to email with a description of your problem, any particular rooms involved etc, and we will then pass this on to our maintenance team.

Our office hours are 10:00am - 4:00pm Monday to Friday, we regret that we cannot take phone calls or respond to emails outside of these hours, however, they will be dealt with the next working day.

Problems with Payment;

If you are having problems with your rent, it is essential that you phone us and arrange a time to discuss this with us in person, so that we can find a solution that works for both of us. We do understand that student finances do not always go as well as you would wish, and so it is much better to let us know there is a problem, rather than simply not paying and making us chase you with telephone calls everyday

Contract Questions

If you are curious as to the content of our contract, we have made a copy of it available for you to download and view at your leisure, this is to allow you to see that we dont include any "hidden clauses" or any other terms and conditions you may not be aware of. Of course, if you have any questions regarding the contract, feel free to email us with them.You can download this example contract, by clicking here.

If you have any other problems or questions that are not mentioned above, please email us at or phone us on 0113 2751525

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