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47 Years in Business...

We believe that making your decision on where to live during your university years is perhaps one of the most important choices you have to make, as most people have never had to take responsibility of managing a property, and it can be quite overwhelming at first. One of the things that can make your decision easier, is your letting agent. By having an agency that is friendly, supportive and well managed, your time spent at your property will be much more enjoyable. That is why we strive to offer the best, friendliest and most efficient service in Leeds.

We have been established for over 47 years, and are Leeds City Council Landlord Accredited, which means we follow a set of high standards to ensure the property you live in is of an excellent standard, and the service we offer is just as high.

This means you see the benefits of a clean, well furnished, and well maintained property when you move in, not a property that is unclean, and one that gives the impression that its previous inhabitants are still living there.

We also own all of the properties that we lease, rather than relet them for a third party, this means if there is a problem with your property, we care about it, just as much as you do, if not more. This is where our friendly, efficient maintenance team come in. We would not leave critical jobs that affect your living standards for months without resolution, and we certainly would not let any little problems lie either.

What is important overall is you, not us. We aim to offer you a service that is unparalleled by any of our competitors, offer services you would expect, that our competitors charge for, such as garden maintenance, and we also offer a very personal and friendly service. This is just what we do, and we hope you feel that what we can offer you is beneficial to you and your party when making a decision on renting student accommodation.

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